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The information on this website belongs to the Asurion group of companies as well as Acyan Corporation (hereafter the ""Company""). Any individual cannot reproduce, disclose or announce for commercial purposes the information on this website without the written approval of the Company. The unauthorized reproduction, divulgation or transcription of the information on this website shall be deemed as a breach of the copyright laws of Japan, the United States and other countries, and may be subject to legal action by the Company.

The Company will strive to provide customers with correct information in a prompt manner. The information on this website is provided based on facts. The Company cannot be held liable whatsoever if there is a mistake in this information. The Company reserves the right to discontinue or amend product information at any time, and no notification is required for such. The Company also cannot be held liable whatsoever.

When a link appearing on this website is for an external resource (website) owned or managed by a third party, the Company is not responsible for the management of such sites and as such cannot be held liable whatsoever.


About the use of Cookies

When logged in to the Company's website, information about your IP address (number assigned when using the Internet), web browser, platform type, DNS, time spent on website, reference data (including from which website your visited and which website you went to after visiting), as well as information about your use of the Company's website.

The use of Cookies represents one of the Company's services. Many business websites use Cookies. The website categorizes customers as specified users based on the code recorded in Cookies. However, your identity is never identified based on your name or address. Nevertheless, if you provide information to the Company (using the website or other means) or if your web browser is set up for automatic identification, your identity may be identified based on your name, address and other personal information.

Generally, Cookies can be used by the Company to provide customized services to customers by categorizing them as specified users. Also, Cookies can be used to follow or evaluate a customer or user's requests, questions, selections, hobbies, groups and use of the Internet to verify browser scale and re-use.

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