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Advancing call center operations with an eye on frontline needs

Currently, I work for the call center operations department and I'm involved with improving operational productivity and the service quality of operators.
Specifically, rather than routine daily work, I mainly engage in activities that involve setting up projects inside the department. This includes working on the visualization and standardization of operations that have not been clearly defined as well as designing and introducing sub KPIs. Previously, I've participated in projects for introducing new systems at our call center, which saw me involved with operational briefings and post-implementation user support.
Of course, there is a limit as to what one person can do, so I maintain open lines of communication with members from my department and people on the frontlines, such as call center operators and supervisors. I make it a point to advance projects based on close collaboration.
Particularly, when I'm talking to people on the frontlines, I imagine each of their corresponding movements and system processing, and attend when a telephone response is needed. This ensures there are no gaps or discrepancies in image between use. This is because I feel this approach avoids the risk of self-satisfied table-top discussions. I began to think this way and focus on this vantage point since joining Acyan. I feel keenly aware that creation takes part collectively as a team and not just through my own individual work.


My interest in Acyan became stronger with each step in the selection process

After graduating from university, I worked at a consulting firm for around three years, and after that, I joined Acyan. At my previous job, I was mainly involved with projects for the design and introduction of administrative systems. This placed me in a role as a bridge between users and development companies.
My work at my old job was really difficult, but also very rewarding, and I felt a strong sense of my professional growth. Nevertheless, no matter how much I analyzed and proposed, the client had the ultimate say. Even though this was a natural aspect of the job, the fact is that it represented a source of frustration more so than I had imagined. Gradually, I began to have a strong desire to work in a job where I took greater ownership as the decision maker. In the end, I decided to switch jobs to a company where I can be more involved in the business.
The deciding factor for choosing Acyan was the impression I got from employees during the interview process. I interviewed at several companies, but I found that the people at Acyan were more honest and talked with me on equal footing with regard to the comprehensive skills and personality needed for the job. At first, I viewed Acyan as just another place I applied to, but throughout the selection process my desire to work here grew stronger and stronger.



Deeply rooted culture where employees help one another

Acyan has a workforce of around 180 and in a positive sense I feel it has good unity. In addition to weekly meetings attended by all employees, there are many in-house events for promoting interaction among employees, including cross-functional workshops and family day (workplace tour for employees' families). Of course, employees are not forced to attend all of these events. Acyan really respects each and every one of its people.
I'm one of the youngest at the company, but Acyan has an open culture where people will understand you as long as you explain the route, regardless of your age or position. Acyan is a thoughtful and appealing company that offers a great working environment for employees, including an office system where we are free to change desks and a break area.
Another unique aspect of Acyan is its deeply rooted culture of employees helping one another. I've actually been helped out on a number of occasions by project team members who are on my side, no matter how trivial a question or consultation may be.


Real sense that I've contributed with my achievements

I periodically investigate the satisfaction of customers who use our call center. I've experienced a sense of accomplishment when my efforts led to specific results, including improving customer satisfaction scores.
Outside of the numbers, I feel like I'm utilizing my experiences from my previous job during the work flow that spans from supporting team members and finding operational issues to examining approaches to solutions, designing a task schedule and managing implementation.



Acyan is a great company for people who enjoy thinking and working on their own

First, I feel like Acyan suits people who like taking their own stance and working based on this stance. This is because Acyan is still a young company, and in a positive sense there are no strict restrictions placed on authority, providing a sense of flexibility. Acyan is a comfortable place for people who prefer this type of environment.
There are also many opportunities to work team members with diverse backgrounds in terms of age, nationality and professional history. Acyan is the place for you if you enjoy this type of environment and thrive with teamwork.


Customer-focused stance toward improvements and developing services

First, I plan on advancing initiatives for effectively and simply changing mechanisms in my department on a step by step basis, including approaches to KPI management and communication with the call center. Over the medium to long term, I hope to develop new services that enable program enrollees to use their mobile phones in a more comfortable manner by utilizing the position of the customer care department which deals directly with customers. I believe that Acyan offers the broad-mindedness to accept the trials and errors needed to achieve this.


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