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パートナー リレーションズ 2012/8/1入社 青木 渉 好きなデータ分析の仕事ができること、面談時にすぐに打ち解けた上司の人柄にひかれて、この人達と働いてみたいと思いました。自分の裁量で業務を進めることができる職場環境で、メリハリを付けて仕事に取り組めるので、効率良くアウトプットにつなげられることに満足しています。


I feel like I'm contributing to the company when I have a high rate of achievement

Since joining Acyan, I've mainly been in charge of data analysis for mobile phone repairs. The role of my department is to provide useful analysis results to our partners from an after-sales service perspective.
The data I analyzed is used as a basis for determining the next steps for improving customer satisfaction, based on reports of malfunctions, causes and the details of repair work.
I prepare annual business plans and am involved in progress management. I also develop tools and other means for improving the efficiencies of in-house operations from a user-perspective.
On some occasions I spend an entire day examining vast amounts of data, but generally through my duties I work alongside others who will be utilizing the data I prepared.
When company goals are exceeded by a large margin thanks to measures implemented based on my analysis results, I feel overjoyed that my work is contributing to the company and our customers. This serves as the key motivating factor that keeps me going with my inconspicuous work.



The personalities of supervisors was the deciding factor why I joined Acyan

At my previous job, I worked in an education related field for seven years, and while I began in accounting, I amassed a wide range of experience in logistics management, sales management (sales analysis), market research and analysis, and the development of operational tools.
I mainly analyzed sales revenue from the sales department, but after I was placed in charge of market research analysis I developed an interest in analysis. I began looking for a job geared specifically toward analysis, and this is when I found Acyan. The industry was new to me, but the company was just setting up its business, so I found it appealing that I could get involved from the ground up in terms of creating various mechanisms for running the company.
I was interviewed by three supervisors during my initial interview. We really hit it off during our conversations. We were able to speak openly and frankly about the company and what I wanted to do. I came away from the interview feeling like I really wanted to work with these people.
The interview with the president of the company was over before I knew it, which I thought wasn't a good sign, but later I found out that this is just Acyan's style, and I was hired.
Looking back, the deciding factor for me was perhaps the people. Of course, the job itself was data analysis, which was exactly what I was looking for.
I joined Acyan about six months after the start of its program. It had yet to fully establish the company rules like a major Japanese corporation, and the environment felt like a developing country filled with energy and growth potential.
Compared to that, the environment has calmed considerably and now it feels similar to a developed country.
This situation where we had to create various things by ourselves, including operating tools, was actually a perfect fit for me because I wanted to be involved with the creation of these mechanisms.



Working at my own pace and discretion

I really like the working environment.
There is a certain amount of flexibility for work-life balance because of Acyan's flex time system, and employees are free to choose their own seats, meaning we can change things up depending on how we feel that particular day. I like to observe things, so I typically sit in a location that overlooks the entire office. Whenever I get tired, I have a look around the office or look outside at the scenery for a quick break.
The office environment is very down-to-earth as any other foreign company, so I'm really happy that I can work at my own pace and discretion.
This gives me added responsibility and makes it even more important to manage my work effectively. It appeals to me that I can work with a change of pace, which produces even greater results more efficiently. A by-product of this is that I work harder at self-development than before.
I now read various types of business books and now reading is one of my hobbies. I even recommend books to my team members that can enhance their skills and serve as a hint for new proposals.


Aiming to be in a position close to management

I find my current job to be rewarding and feel a sense of pride that I'm the best man for the job. In the future, I hope to be involved in work that is closer to management.
I feel like I can learn a lot by having greater responsibility. My current job requires that I have both a vantage point overlooking the big picture and a vantage point for pursuing fundamentals. I'm interested in management because I feel like I can harness both these vantage points in such a role.
I'm observing the direction and trends of the company from the vantage point of management in my current capacity of dealing with the numbers, an area where I excel. I still have a lot to learn, so a role closer to management may be a ways off, but Acyan has an open recruitment system where employees can tackle the challenge of a new career path by applying. This is why an opportunity for me may actually come up sooner.


Open to completely new experiences

My personal opinion is that there are a lot of eccentric people working for Acyan. Some may view eccentric as a negative trait, but I'm talking about this word in a positive sense because people at Acyan look at things differently than most other people. Acyan has developed because of these many views, which has produced new approaches and solutions. This is why I think Acyan needs the viewpoints of eccentric people to thrive.
The company has an active range of club activities outside of work. You may be able to experience something completely new that other companies don't offer.
Rather than people who can complete their work perfectly by the book, I feel like people that think on their own, share their thoughts, and take action, even if not perfect, can be quite successful at Acyan. We are always seeking innovators with a challenging spirit. I look forward to seeing you here.


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