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The business model of warranty services for mobile devices has great potential

The structure and environment of mobile device manufacturers in Japan has undergone massive changes, while after-sales support is growing more diverse. Acyan serves as an outsourcer for telecommunications providers in providing a seamless line of after-sales support for mobile devices. Our mission is to provide customers with warranty and support services nationwide in Japan.
Following the explosive growth of the smartphone, this field is expected to see sustained growth well into the future.
I feel like this line of work is very rewarding because I see firsthand the rising number of subscribers thanks to our services and measures.



Using feedback from the frontlines to make improvements

My job generally involves sales, but I cover only one company, so instead of frequent visits to the customer, my role involves correctly understanding the numbers and facts of our services to consider how to make improvements, and then work internally with others to come up with solutions for improvements and propose them to the customer. For this reason, I have to spend a lot of time in in-house meetings and preparing documents.
On occasion, I use feedback from the frontlines, such as whether our services are really suitable for the customer or frontlines, to make improvements to our services.



I feel myself growing every day in my current role

One of Acyan's draws is the lack of barriers between supervisor and subordinate and between departments. Acyan has a very flat culture, regardless of job titles, which makes it easy to work with other departments.
Acyan is a new company, so the organization and mechanisms have yet to be set in stone, and all employees are mid-career hires who switched jobs. The culture is nothing like a typical Japanese company with awkward relationships, and instead everyone gets along together and has great chemistry.
This makes it possible to really feel a sense of personal and professional growth. I look forward to tackling various issues in the future as I grow daily.


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