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Nripendra Shrestha


Nripendra Shrestha Image01Leading team-based project management

My role is mainly project management and I work together with the front office operations team, back office operations team, corporate planning, IT vendors, as well as the Global IT Team at Asurion in the United States and members of the IT team here in Japan. My current duties have me leading our IT team to come up with system designs for and implementation of new services. Through my work, I have established close relationships with IT vendors for new projects and within the Asurion group of companies and international IT consultants. I'm in charge of a large-scale CRM implementation project, the introduction of a project management tool called JIRA, and management of maintenance projects.



Nripendra Shrestha Image02I joined Acyan because I knew I could help create the company

I've worked with major Japanese and multinational corporations in Japan and the United States. I was mainly in charge of IT for financial services. During my career, I've run the gamut with IT. I've been a developer, systems analyst, project manager, scrum master and service producer are among the jobs I've had. I also have experience leading agile development in cross-functional teams and as a technology evangelist.
When I decided to join Acyan after receiving a referral, I felt like I was joining a team that can create a young company's business and culture over a short period of time. I also decided to join the Acyan because I was convinced I would learn a great deal and have the chance to grow together with the company.



Nripendra Shrestha Image03Flat and open culture

I feel like Acyan is a group of professionals that work together seamlessly across the organization. The company has a very open and flat culture that provides people with new opportunities to grow. I believe that I have been given the opportunity to establish businesses and grow the company based on the results of the projects and new initiatives I've been involved with. Acyan also has the foundation to enable employees to implement change.
There are also many opportunities to take part in sports and private get-togethers outside of work. I've had the chance to interact not only with colleagues from the IT department, but also various others from different departments, too. In the future, I hope to play a role in finding new innovative technologies that can create new business opportunities that improve efficiencies.


A company that welcomes people looking to tackle new challenges

I believe Acyan is a perfect fit for people who are good listeners and proactive and who want to connect new ideas with actual business solutions. Acyan offers a great deal of opportunities for people who like to accomplish things without being concerned about heavier responsibility, people who want to learn more new skills, and people who want to grow professionally and personally.


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