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Delivering services for customers' complete satisfaction through active communication with relevant departments and partners

I'm currently working for the Customer Care Operation Planning Team, which is involved in the development and improvement of operating processes at all three of our call centers in Japan. Our main function is to implement new services smoothly at call centers and plan any business process improvement to ensure greater customer satisfaction. When a new service is introduced at the call centers, we are responsible for ensuring system implementation, planning the response workflow of operators, and conducting training for operators. Therefore, it is my task to meet and coordinate with other departments including IT and operations on such processes, as well as to ensure implementation of the same procedures by our partners operating the call centers.
At the same time, we also seek improvement in call center operations through feedback from customers and call center operators. We also consult with the business side of the company whenever there is a major item for improvement with significant business impact.



The drive to take on new challenges without worrying about failure is an attractive business model

In the past, I've worked at many companies in various fields and positions. As I turned 30, I was stumped by what I should focus on next in my career. I recall feeling impressed with Acyan's unique business model that enables sustained growth as I chanced upon the company at that turning point in my life. I remember a discussion on working with new technology during my interview. With advances in IT, we know the call center industry is also facing enormous changes. I was most impressed with the company's proactive stance toward trying out new things without fearing failure, which convinced me Acyan was a great match for me.



Anyone who is willing has a chance to shine

Acyan has a surprisingly open atmosphere, which was something I also noticed during my interview. Perhaps since it is a foreign company, here you will find it easy to talk to just about anybody, including those higher ranked, or people you do not normally work with. Everyone at work shares the same value of striving to provide better service and make customers happy. Therefore, if there is something you can think of that would help achieve this goal, then you should not be shy to make a proposal as staff from all departments will work together to make it happen.
Acyan is a company suited for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, who have lots of ideas and are interested in trying new things. You'll notice a great diversity in staff, with a large number of foreign nationals and women. The company also allows a flexible schedule and provides excellent child-rearing benefits. Rest assured you will find work-life balance here.


Improvements tailored to customer needs made possible with a foundation in after-sales service

Most companies consider after-sales service as something that leads to little profit with high cost or a means for troubleshooting. At Acyan, we believe after-sales service is the foundation of our business, where call centers serve as an important point of contact with our customers. For this reason, I find it very rewarding that we can directly affect service operations and quality improvements through our own work. I think it will become more important to build a close relationship with our customers through the after-sales support we provide. As such, the company already has strength in its closeness with customers.
While mobile phones and smartphones have become a daily necessity and important infrastructure, there are still people who are not currently well versed in the technology. We pay attention to the request for process improvement from operators on the floor, and address each concern one by one in building positive relationships with our operators to ensure a foundation for cooperation when implementing new processes without letting our efforts end as a paper theory. I find it very fulfilling to see operators recognizing the importance of processes I introduced, and making use of these processes in their efforts to address customer concerns.


Fostering a high quality call center with strategic implementation of new technology

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the Asurion call center in Nashville and experience firsthand services using new technology as a pilot test. As a member of the Asurion group of companies, one of the perks that Acyan enjoys is access to information on global trends.
While some say that call centers will become obsolete by 2020, I believe we can cultivate call centers to an even higher degree through use of new technologies including artificial intelligence. I hope to deepen my knowledge and understanding of new IT advancements in providing and developing services to achieve greater customer satisfaction.


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