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Building on past experiences to create a cycle of improvement

At present, at Customer Care I’m working on projects aimed at improving the management of call centers, as well as proposing and evaluating plans for implementing AI technology and systems.
Up until now, my work has largely focused on making improvements or proposals based on projections three to five years down the road, and from a third party point of view. Therefore, I consider my mission to draw on my past experiences in providing services that will please our customers and developing call centers by seeking constant improvement together with project members and our partners.
As for call center management, we are working on refining the human resource development process, and in particular, operators and supervisors who have direct dealings with customers, quality control, as well as performance management.
Our work is not finished even when an improvement has been implemented. We conduct a third-party evaluation on the entire operation twice a year in order to create a cycle of improvement to identify the next round of improvement activities needed in the next half of the year.
Moreover, instead of a one-off event, each improvement is being carried out continuously through reviews and planning between the heads and managers of each relevant department in hopes of achieving better operations.



I find my work worthwhile precisely because Acyan is still in the process of refining itself

I decided to join Acyan because I was impressed with its culture and business growth. While the company is not that big, everyone here shares a sense of collegiality, and works together as one on anything and everything, with the goal to make the company better. As Acyan has grown a little bigger in recent years, there are still areas needing refinement. However, I feel there are few companies like us, with employees that share a strong conviction to do good for the company, the business, and society.
At our weekly company-wide meeting, business KPIs as well as reports from each department are shared to provide a clear sense of our current situation and direction, enabling us to go about our daily business without feeling lost.
At my past job with a telecom carrier, management seemed like a world away from where I was. Compared to that, I feel it is beneficial to my career that my current job allows me to meet and speak directly with the president or vice president. I feel very fortunate to be working at Acyan, where senior management, such as the president and vice president, are down to earth and pay attention to each and every employee.



I'd like to be a part of many different projects while utilizing my past experience as much as possible

I worked for a telecom carrier for 15 years before joining Acyan. I first started in customer service (call center management), and spent about seven years in customer service center operations auditing and internal consulting for operational improvement, garnering experience in developing operations with people. After that, I took an interest in the effective result of advancing and implementing technology, taking on responsibility in the information system department and AI related businesses.
With the above experience, I would like to develop a systematic approach to every extent possible, to address routine processes that require long hours of labor and may be perceived as a burden. I hope by bringing efficiency to work, the freed up hours can be spent on creative or innovative work, thereby giving rise a better services and a call center that satisfies customers. In the future, I would also like to be a part of different departments and their business, and I hope to take on a role in management as well.


For those of you interested in Acyan

There are very few service providers with a focus on call center operations. For this reason, I think Acyan should attract those interested in providing top-tier customer service.
Acyan is a company with professionals specialized in different areas, where you can get input and ideas from many different angles. Acyan is a great place to work for people who take a proactive role in interacting with others, who can develop and execute their own business plans, or those who dream of working in such an environment.
The company culture is open with no boundaries between departments or project teams. It is a place where you will receive compliments for great ideas, as well as have support to achieve those ideas. You will find a sense of fulfillment here at Acyan.


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