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サプライチェーン  東京配送センター 2017年5月入社 狩野 和弘 業界を取り巻く変化スピードが速く、自分を成長させることができる環境と強く感じて入社を決めました。役職や部門間の壁を感じることがないので、なんでも相談でき、コミュニケーションがとりやすい雰囲気です。


Managing and improving upon all processes 365 days a year

At Acyan, I work for the Tokyo Shipment Center, where I’m involved in the management of delivery service operations together with team members.
We keep track of our inventory, progress on shipping and delivery status 365 days a year while constantly seeking improvements to ensure our daily functions can be properly carried out.
While I am still relatively new to the company, my main duties are to become familiar with routine tasks and develop items for improvement based on past data. Whenever I have a question or need help making a decision, I’m able to consult with other members or my manager as my sounding board without any hesitation.
I would like to gradually connect with other relevant departments to work on issues and eventually lead my own improvement projects or develop new services.



I strongly felt this environment would enable my own personal and professional growth

Previously, I worked in the distribution industry and dealt mainly with printed materials. For quite a long time, I worked in manufacturing design and progress management in order for the distribution center to process distribution, transport and deliver products tailored to the customers’ needs.
It was a field where cost and deadlines are highly competitive. As I had worked mainly on process improvement to shorten lead time between receiving and delivery while ensuring good quality, I’ve found that my knowhow is transferable to my current workplace where I can draw on my past experience.
In fact, I asked about Acyan’s challenges and issues along the services it provides during my interview. Therefore I knew at that point Acyan would be the right company for me to exert and build on my experience. At the same time, I was given the impression that with a passion and commitment for what I do, I could make a difference in this workplace, which was my main motivator to join the company.



Amazed by how fast things get done

Since joining the company, I’ve been most impressed with the speed at which things move for the mobile phone industry and at Acyan itself.
I’m naturally a curious person and positive thinker. At Acyan, I find myself fitting right in, where I get to learn new things quickly in order to catch up with the speed of progress. I strongly feel this workplace can prompt my own growth.
While my previous workplaces were also fairly fast paced, I find a clear sense of direction here at Acyan, which makes it possible to move towards goals quickly. The company has established a clear set of rules concerning information sharing, and fosters a workplace that enables one to obtain the information they need. For this reason, I see the importance of taking a proactive approach to get things moving.
What I find really amazing is the transparency between ranks and departments, as everyone is easy to approach and talk to.
Perhaps it is due to open office where you can choose where to work, so the workspace enables us to work effectively and efficiently, and sit beside someone new each day. Besides work, we also get to talk about club activities or personal hobbies. It is truly an environment that fosters communication.


I recommend this company to the following people

・ those who find it rewarding to contribute to increased customer satisfaction, a strong suit of Acyan
・ those with tenacity in seeking improvement and conducting business who find the current way of doing things unsatisfactory and always strive for something better


I hope to create a new team at Acyan

While shipments are managed to ensure smooth operations on a daily basis, there are still cases where issues arise. I feel I have fulfilled my role when the team or myself prevent an issue from happening by taking an appropriate response.
I also find it rewarding when we use the experience
of a resolving an issue on the spot to formulate a prevention plan for future problems, which happens to get utilized to stop a problem from happening.
Our team now has designated goals for the shipment center with clear targets and schedule. I hope to create a team of colleagues who share the same passion towards our goal, and contribute to delivery of services to our customers as team leader.


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