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I was drawn to Acyan's business even though I had no intention to change jobs

I joined Acyan after I was referred to the company by a friend by chance and found myself drawn to the company because of its growth potential and superior business model. Until then, I had never really considered changing jobs.
Acyan works on a single service as an entire company, so employees are on the same page and constantly working to make this service even better. I've never felt this sense of unity at other companies before.



My role is to provide operators and supervisors on the frontlines with correct forecasting

The climate surrounding the services Acyan supports continues to change daily. For example, the number of subscribers was zero at the launch of services, but now our pool of subscribers is vast, and it continues to increase. Also, new mobile phone handsets are being released one after another. To maintain services that satisfy customers given these changes, it is essential that we have correct future forecasts and establish an operating system based on these forecasts.
My role is to forecast various numerical data for our call centers and provide it to the operations department. Specifically, I estimate subscriber growth and predict the monthly number of calls based on the incident rate of mobile phones. I then examine past trends in the number of calls per day of the week and time slot to come up with a forecast of the number of calls for specific days and times. I also forecast capacity based on long-term forecasts.
The quality of Acyan's call centers is the product of our operators and supervisors on the frontlines. These personnel require correct forecasts for making the operating environment even better.
Major flaws in forecasting could damage our service quality, so my line of work carries with it great responsibility. This is why I am well aware that I play an important role underpinning our services.
Operation Planning where I work is a relatively new department, so first I hope to fine tune our systems and operating processes in order for us to provide even more accurate analysis and forecasting in a consistent manner.



The direction of the company's goals is clear, so the pace of work is quick and decision making is swift

Acyan employs a workforce of professionals with a wide range of backgrounds in various industries. The workplace feels like a team where people motivate one another through hard work.
There are many in-house meetings including the company-wide meeting held weekly, which always serve as a venue for active discussions, regardless of department or job title. The company's direction and axis are quite clear, so decisions made for solving problems are always made swiftly and everyone goes about their daily work with a sense of speed and urgency.
Our greatest mission is adding value to the services our clients provide and delivering peace of mind to mobile phone users. We always engage in our work with an eye on what end users really need.


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