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I monitor the operations shipment centers

I work in operations for our shipment centers. I check to make sure that daily frontline operations are being implemented and completed according to procedure. I'm also responsible for implementing improvements aimed at making our operations more efficient. My duties include creating layouts for work areas and developing operating procedures when launching new operations.
Additionally, I check to make sure there are not problems with operations in my area of responsibility, whether there are obstacles or improvements in the workplace, and whether operating rules are being followed, and then carry out improvements for any problems detected. For this reason, I'm in frequent contact with my team members and people from our partner companies who are in charge of the actual work. In terms of new operations, I accompany sales reps to customers to identify requests directly or to provide in-depth explanations about our operations.


I felt like Acyan's services are novel services

At my previous jobs, I was involved with distribution control operations, with a focus on process management, productivity management, and operational improvements, at a logistics company, cosmetics manufacturer, pet supplies manufacturer, and e-commerce company.
The reason why I decided to change jobs is because I was unable to create a clear career plan for my future at my previous job.
I was attracted to Acyan because of the services it provides. Acyan still doesn't provide a large range of services, and so I felt a strong sense of the company's future growth potential in this regard. Also, another deciding factor for joining Acyan was because I was convinced I could utilize my experiences and grow as a person and professional during the company's growth process.



Sense of speed and unity

I was impressed by the speed of changes in Acyan's services and operations tailored to the constantly changing environment surrounding mobile phones and mobile devices, and by the sense of energy from ushering in changes in the future business environment based on an understanding of today's climate rather than changing with the environment. In addition, feel a sense of unity here. This involves the unity between team members and stakeholders aiming for common goals, people working together across departments with a sense of urgency when deciding on a direction, and the motivation to create new things after being motivated by others with various experiences who work closely together.


Sense of fulfillment when launching new operations

If a problem arises with our daily operations, whenever I work alone or as a team to examine solutions and measures for preventing future reoccurrences, or whenever my improvements produce the expected results in operations, I feel like I was able to fulfill my role.



People I want to work with

・People who are passionate and work with a sense of urgency.
・People who are never satisfied with the status quo and who constantly seek out improvements.
・People who are pleasant and don't fear change.


Future goals

My current workplace is exposed to intense changes, so I feel like I still have things to accomplish with my current duties. In the future, however, I hope to be involved with the overall management of shipment center operations and designing new operating processes. I also want to work in proposal-based sales for customers based on my current work duties.
Looking forward, I want to acquire skills that will help me manage multiple frontlines across a broader scope, instead of just one.


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