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Adapting our successful business model from North America to deliver ease of mind and satisfaction to Japanese mobile device users


Bringing our North American business model for mobile device after-sales services to Japan

Today, mobile phones and tablet devices have become an essential part of our daily lives. The Asurion group of companies has established a business model for mobile device after-sales services and provides this business model worldwide. As a member of this group, Acyan has adapted and optimized this business model for the Japan market.

Because we carry them with us every day, mobile devices are susceptible to damage, breaking, manufacturer defects, liquid damage, loss, theft and more.
This is why mobile device users expect an after-sales service to provide:

“One Stop services”(contact a single location for all needs)
“Agility”(quickly resolve issues)
“Ease of Mind”(knowing that should issues arise they will be dealt with in a caring manner)

Acyan's mission is to meet and exceed these expectations by providing integrated solutions to carriers from structured consulting to practical implementation and in the process help to enhance customer satisfaction.


Transforming our long-standing experience and skills into integrated solutions

The reason Acyan can provide this business model is because of our integrated organization that includes a high quality solutions consulting division, IT division, call center, logistics division, and powerful technology assessment division. It is no easy task to seamlessly combine the various functional elements of consulting, IT, call center operations, logistics, and technology assessment into a single business model.
The Asurion group of companies was among the first to recognize the potential of this business model, and over the years it has established the experience and skills necessary for coordinated operations. Acyan has optimized and tailored this experience specifically for the Japan market.


Helping improve quality by statistically analyzing troubles and sharing this with manufacturers

One of the single greatest features of our after-sales service business model is our device replacement service.

If a customer has trouble with their mobile device, we send out a refurbished version of the same model and same color by the next day to their designated address. We can accomplish such prompt service through our partnerships with mobile phone manufacturers. The refurbished devices we provide are actually those same models collected from customers who had trouble and then refurbished by the original manufacturer.

Also, our technology assessment division statistically analyzes issues and shares this information with carriers and mobile phone manufacturers, which is then utilized to design devices that are easier to use and less prone to damage.


Working with businesses to optimize and provide services customized for Japan

Acyan considers mobile device after-sales services to be multifaceted, and as such it provides an enhanced version of the repair services that have conventionally been offered in Japan. This approach has enabled Acyan to expand the breadth of its solutions provided to carriers, including risk management, marketing, inventory management, cost savings, and environmental measures, among others.

Acyan is committed to expanding the scope of its services in Japan by further evolving this excellent business model to deliver ease of mind and satisfaction to even more customers, and in turn, contribute to the growth of its business partners.


Case Study Involving KDDI -  Repair and Delivery Support

Name of service ・Repair and Delivery Support
Overview Fee-based subscription service for repairing damaged smartphones or mobile phones and providing assistance for loss or other troubles.
Services provided ・Replacement mobile phone delivery service
(Eligible issues: faulty, partially damaged, completely damaged, liquid damage, theft, loss)
・Send-in repair services
(3-year warranty service / repair discount service / liquid damage or completely damaged refurbishment service)


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