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Handling of Personal Information

Acyan Corporation
Personal Information Protection Manager
Information Security Officer

1.Publication of purpose of use of personal information retained

  1. Personal information consigned from customers (business operation related)
    The Company uses personal information to fulfill consigned business operations, etc., pursuant to agreements concluded with clients. In such cases, the purpose of use of personal information shall include the following.
    • For provision of repair services and exchanges of various mobile telephone handsets, electronic devices and peripheral equipment
    • To request payment of fees related to repair services and exchanges
    • To verify the identify of persons when they apply for repair services and exchanges
    • To inform people about the Company's products and services
    • To notify people of matters related to service provision, such as changes in requirements for repair services and exchanges, etc.
    • For reference in improving repair services and exchanges or the development of new services
    • For investigations involving unauthorized contracts, fraud, prevention of non-payment and occurrence of non-payment
    • For the buying/selling of used mobile telephone handsets, used electronic devices and peripheral equipment as well as the provision of services related to such
  2. In-house information (personal information of the Company's employees)
    The Company uses in-house information internally for the implementation of business operations. In such cases, the purpose of use of personal information shall include the following.
    In addition, the Company may jointly use in-house information with affiliates, subsidiaries, partners and other third parties in order to fulfill the purpose of use of the personal information. Prior to such joint use, the person will be informed of the details following the prescribed procedures.
    • For the selection of the Company's employees
    • For the employment management, personnel management, and welfare of the Company's employees
    • For the prevention of crime


2. Disclosure and revision, etc., of personal information

The personal information retained by the Company and subject to disclosure as well as the purpose of use are as follows.

  • Information on employees and retired employees: For their employment management, personnel management, and welfare, etc.
  • Information on job applicants: For interviews with candidates, selection of candidates and informing candidates, etc.
  • Information on persons in charge at business partners: For communication, etc., of business operations related to or ancillary to the performance of contracts

When there is a request as above for the disclosure or revision, etc., of the personal information retained by the Company (revision, addition, deletion, or suspension of use or suspension of provision to third parties), the Company will make sure the request originates from the person himself/herself and then request the person to complete procedures following the Company's prescribed format. After this, the Company will disclose or revise, etc., this information promptly. For detailed procedures, please contact the office in "8. Inquiries concerning personal information." In principle, all requests will be addressed in a prompt manner, but there may be instances where disclosure or revision, etc., cannot be carried out for the following reasons. In such instances, the Company will notify the person that it cannot disclose or revise, etc. their information.

(1)Instances where there is concern of harm to the life, physical wellbeing, property or other rights and interests of the person or a third party
(2)Instances where there is concern of significant impairment to the appropriate implementation of the Company's business operations
(3)Other instances where special procedures are prescribed in laws and regulations

[Fees associated with requests]
Of those requests from the person himself/herself, we require that an administrative fee of 1,000 yen be paid for requests for the disclosure of personal information and notification of the purpose of use, even when such requests cannot be accommodated for the reasons noted above.
No administrative fee applies to requests for the revision, addition, and deletion of personal information or the suspension of use or suspension of provision to third parties.

[Retention period of personal information]
The retention period of personal information retained by the Company shall be determined by the Company based on the provisions of laws and regulations as well as the contract with the client, within the scope necessasry to achieve the purpose of use of the said personal information. After the end of the retention period, the Company will dispose of the personal information using an appropriate method.


3.Contact point for inquiries concerning the Company's Privacy Policy

Please direct inquiries concerning personal information retained by the Company, and requests for disclosure and revision, etc., to the following location.

PMS Complaint / Consultation Office, Acyan Corporation


4. Name of the certified personal information protection organization the Company's is affiliated with and office for complaint resolution

Name of certified personal information protection organization: JIPDEC
Office for complaint resolution: Personal Information Protection Complaint and Consultation Office
Address: Roppongi First Building, 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
Telephone number: 03-5860-7565
          : 0120-700-779
          *Please do not use this telephone number to contact the Company about its products or services


5. Recording of telephone calls

The Company may record telephone calls when a customer makes an inquiry or request in order to correctly understand the details of the call.


6. Operation of this website

This website is operated with the purpose of providing the Company's information. When using this website, there are instances where the Company may ask about customers' personal information on certain pages, such as the ""Contact Us"" page. The provision of such information is completely voluntary.

This website uses Cookies in order to improve future visits by customers and for use in analyzing trends for providing better information. Cookies do not violate the privacy of customers, nor do they have an adverse affect on your computer.

Customers use this site at their own discretion. In principle, the Company cannot be held liable for damages incurred as a result of using various information obtained from this website or from other websites linked to this website.

The Company on occasion may advertise about itself on websites operated by third parties. In such instances, on occasion the advertisement may be displayed on such websites based on the user's viewing behavior of websites using Cookies or an equivalent technology (hereafter, ""targeting ad""). When using targeting ads, the Company will display that the ad is for the use of this website and will inform users who do not wish to view targeting ads of ways to suspend their use. Users who wish to suspend the display of targeting ads are asked to follow the procedures as instructed. Furthermore, general ads not using identification technologies such as Cookies may be displayed even after completing procedures to suspend the display of targeting ads.


7. About CBPR

The Company's parent company in the United States (Asurion) has obtained Cross Board Privacy Rules (CBPR) certification from a certification body in the United States (TRUSTe) for the Company and its subsidiaries in Japan.

Asurion, the Company and the Company's subsidiaries handle personal information in compliance with the APEC CBRP system. This system contains a framework for organizations to use when transferring personal information within APEC member countries. See the link below to learn more about the APEC framework.

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