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Information Security Policy

Acyan Corporation (hereafter the "Company") has established the following policy in order to safeguard the Company's information assets and the information assets entrusted to it by others.

  1. The Company will implement a company-wide information security management system collectively involving its executive officers and employees.
  2. The Company will establish and implement information security measures (individual measures, physical measures and technical measures) necessary for preventing incidents such as information leakage, unauthorized access, destruction, and modification, etc.
  3. In the event of a security incident such as information leakage, etc., the Company will take corrective action promptly and report on the situation to relevant stakeholders.
  4. The Company will continually implement internal training and awareness raising activities concerning information security.
  5. The Company will establish an internal audit system concerning information security and make efforts to continually review and improve information security measures.
  6. The Company, always mindful of the importance of information security, will abide by relevant laws, regulations and guidelines, regulations set forth by the Company such as the Articles of Incorporation and Employment Regulations, etc., and contracts related to information security concluded between relevant external organizations, etc.


Final Revision
Acyan Corporation
Hyoe Yamashita
Representative Director & CEO

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